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About Us

Stained glass window inside Slayton UMC
Stained glass window inside Slayton UMC

We at Slayton United Methodist are passionate about connecting people with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, while growing in our own personal relationship with him.

Our church was founded in 1878 as a Methodist Episcopal Church and join with Lake Wilson in 1927.

We are a United Methodist Church. To view our beliefs, check out the United Methodist Church page.

Our Church

Stained glass window inside Slayton UMC

Our Pastor

Pastor Ethanie moved to Slayton in 2018 where the Lake Wilson and Slayton churches became her first appointment. The lake Wilson and Slayton churches form a two-point chare of the Minnesota United Methodist Church in the Southwestern corner of Minnesota.

Pastor Ethanie and her husband, Ed, previously lived in the Tracy area where they owned and raised purebred and percentage Simmental cattle. Before being called into ministry, Pastor Ethanie was a nurse working in Marshall.

Pastor Ethanie

Having received the call to ministry, she and Ed put their trust in God and she entered the candidacy program to become a licensed local pastor (LLP) in the Methodist church and is currently working on her Course of Study.

Pastor Ethanie's theological perspective comes from the Apostle's Creed. "I believe that God loves ALL His children—whether they know Him or not—he offers Grace and will be there at ALL times."

Her hope for the church is to follow the teaching of the Bible. Pray, discern, take risks, celebrate the wins and learn from the "it didn't go so wells"! God loves us all and is worthy of our Praise!

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